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Enjoying the Moment


I’ve admitted it before… I used to be a worrier… and that was an understatement when it came to absolutely anything that remotely was related to my children. Over the years, I’ve learned to relax a bit and trust that He has it all covered!

I probably missed some priceless moments by not being ‘in the moment.’ You know the type… worried about being prepared about the next ‘thing’… whatever that might be…  whether that was an hour ahead or ten years ahead.

This is my first born’s senior year… and y’all… I don’t even have words for all that I’m feeling. I’ve feared and anticipated it his entire life, watching my one in a million blessing grow from that chubby eight pound miracle into this mature, focused, and driven young man. Man? How is that possible?

A friend of mine was recently discussing how exhausting it is to get her young son to eat at mealtime… something we also encountered. I found myself telling her to treasure it because before long, he was going to be all grown up and planning for college and his own career and she will actually miss telling him to get “one more bite.”

And now, in what has seemed like the blink of an eye, it’s that moment. The moment that I knew would eventually come. Yes, he will always come home but our little ‘4-pack’ is never going to be quite the same. We’re nearing the end of one season and soon will begin a new season of life. As I try to savor, literally, each and every day and moment, I’m asking the Lord to not only prepare this momma’s heart, but thanking Him and praising Him for the privilege of being his momma… and for each and every fun, exhausting, sleep-deprived, exasperated, elated, joyful, blessed moment we’ve had … “for this child we prayed.” 1 Samuel 1:27

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