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Epic Tees and Trophies


Gregg and Tammy Henry were high school sweethearts who met in the 4th grade.  The couple graduated from Mena High School in 1985 and married in 1990.  Together they are raising five children, all teenagers, and their life is full and fun.  “Family is absolutely everything to us!  Our children always come first,” stated Tammy.  “I think of the quote, it’s not about the blood you carry, it’s who loves you and who you love back,” added Gregg, when describing the unique blend of their family.

In 2010, they began Epic Tees and Trophies, a business that specializes in personalization: whether it is a little league or school trophy, a business tee shirt, a vinyl banner or custom artwork, Epic Tees and Trophies will work one on one to create a unique design.  “We started in the building on the corner of Sherwood and Main Street but quickly outgrew that building so we moved to 800 Highway 71 South where we worked until the ice storm last winter completely destroyed the building.  We had electrical and flood damage so we’ve now moved to 506 Highway 71 South in the old Pizza Pro Building across from the Train Depot Complex,” explained Tammy.

Epic-Tees-2The process of switching buildings and purchasing new equipment has been a long one for Epic Tees and Trophies, but they are in a great location and have great equipment as a result of the ice storm.  “We had to close for a few months to try and get things cleaned up but we are now back up and running.  One benefit to the shop being destroyed is that we have been able to upgrade to better equipment and programs and now everything we use is state of the art,” Gregg explained.

The Henry’s have a great sense of hometown pride that is evident in the work they do for local schools, students, business and ball teams.  They work closely with Acorn and Mena Schools, as well as, Mena Youth Football, Polk County Basketball Association and the Mena City League.  “It’s honestly not about making money to me,” explained Tammy, “when I am going through a list of players on a ball team, or students from a local school, those names mean something to me.  I know many of them, my children are friends with them, or go to school with them, or I knew their parents when I was in school.  Those individual names have a face, it’s one of the great things of living and working in a small community.”

Epic Tees and Trophies do almost all of their work in house and are now mostly functional at their new facility on Highway 71.  They can be reached by calling 479.394.EPIC or by emailing

Aside from the family business, Gregg works as a Paramedic/RN for the Choctaw Nation Indian Hospital and the couple is thankful to be able to raise their children in this area.  Tammy said, “Polk County is home.  We’ve tried to live other places but this is just home.  We can’t imagine going anywhere else.  We love our friends and family and the churches and community here.”

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