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Exchange Student Presents Cultural Program to Lioness


Alina Tekinova, an exchange student from Kyrgyzstan, presented a stunning presentation to the Mena Lioness Lions Club at Limetree Restaurant on Thursday, January 11th.  She shared a variety of cultural facts about her country, which is located in Central Asia, including dress, government, population, religion, natural landscape, and much more. She wore her traditional Kyrgyz girl’s dress (pictured right) and showed her traditional girl’s hat. In addition, she also showed a traditional man’s hat and a boz ui, which is a portable dwelling with felt cover of Kyrgyz nomads. Her native language is Kyrgyz and her second language is Russian.

Tekinova is the host daughter of Brandon and Ilana Burk and the host sister of Brakiah and Brennan. She has been in Mena since September 3, 2017 and she attends Mena High School as a senior.  She is a cheerleader for the Mena Bearcats and plans to play soccer and run track this spring. She also dances with Beautiful Soles Christian Dance Company.

Flag International is her exchange program organization and she is on the Flex program within the company. The main goal of the program is for her to share her culture and learn the American culture, so that she can return to Kyrgyzstan and teach what she has learned.

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