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Fender Blender Comes to Acorn


What is a “Fender Blender?” Ask any Acorn student in grades K-3 and they will tell you. Bridgett Martin, Polk County Extension Office Family and Consumer Science Specialist, visited Mrs. Rusert’s K-3 Science classes at Acorn Elementary School last week to help Kindergarten through third grade students learn the importance of exercise and healthy eating habits while making a Green Monster Smoothie.

The Fender Blender is part of the 4H program in Arkansas. It is a stationary bicycle with a blender attached to the fender. It only works when the bicycle is being pedaled.

Mrs. Martin told the students, “We will be making a smoothie with colors of the rainbow.”  She stressed the importance of adding foods of different colors in order to get all the nutrients our bodies need to be healthy. Some children were hesitant to taste their “Green Monster Smoothie” because they thought it would taste like spinach. But adding pineapple, banana, strawberries, and yogurt changed the taste and the smoothie got thumbs up. There are many different smoothie recipes that can be made with the fender blender, including adding plums, blueberries, apples, and other seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Aside from using pedal power to create a smoothie, the Fender Blender can also be used to make salsa, nut butter, guacamole, hummus, and other tasty treats.

The Fender Blender bike is a fun way for children and adults to increase physical activity while making a healthy snack.

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