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Filing Period to Close Soon for Municipal Offices; Election Commission to Meet


Candidates wishing to run for municipal office in either a city or town in Polk County, have until noon on Friday, August 19, 2016 to file. Candidate petitions are available in the County Clerk’s Office in the Polk County Courthouse.

Candidates that have filed as of August 16, 2016 include:

City of Mena Candidates: Terri Neugent, for Mena City Council, Ward 1, Position 2; James Earl Turner, Mena City Council, Ward 1, Position 1; Dwight Douglas, Mena City Council, Ward 2, Position 2; Ron Tilley, Mena City Council, Ward 3, Position 2.

Town of Cove Candidates: John A. Slaughter, Alderman, Position 1; Charlotte Crump, Alderman, Position 2; Boyd Smith, Alderman, Position 3; Danker Mize, Alderman, Position 4; Darris Burk, Alderman, Position 5.

Town of Grannis Candidates: Donnie Apple, Alderman, Position 1; Billy Richardson, Alderman, Position 2; Deborah Melton, Alderman, Position 3; Chris Frachiseur, Alderman, Position 4; Jimmy Hunter, Alderman, Position 5.

Town of Hatfield Candidates: Larry Denton, Alderman, Position 2; Roger Marney, Alderman, Position 4; John Gordon, Alderman, Position 4; Jay ‘Gator’ Gisclair, Alerman, Position 5.

Town of Vandervoort Candidates: Robert Hartley, Alderman, Position 1; Derek Barrett, Alderman, Position 2; Jackie Turner, Alderman, Position 4; Ricky McKenzie, Alderman, Position 5.

Town of Wickes Candidates:  Larry Watkins, Alderman, Position 1; Linda Lou Gillaspy, Alderman, Position 2; Mary Ferguson, Alderman, Position 3; Neal Jenkins, Alderman, Position 4; Melinda R. Parrish, Alderman, Position 5.

The Polk County Election Commission will meet Friday August 26, 2016 in the basement of the Polk County Courthouse at 9:00 a.m.  The purpose of the meeting is to approve the list of poll workers for the Annual School Election to be held September 20, 2016.  Commissioners will also conduct Logic & Accuracy testing of the election equipment to be used in the School Election.  They will also draw for ballot positions for the November General Election. The last day to register to vote in time for the general election is October 10, 2016. You can register at the County Clerk’s Office. Call 479-394-8123 for more information.

Meetings of the County Election Commission are open to the public.  Candidates and interested parties are welcome to attend.


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