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Find Mindsets That are Imperative for Frugal Living


Frugality is a lifestyle, right?  It sure is.  It is a lifestyle that involves thinking against the flow.  Here are five mindsets that I believe are imperative to living the frugal “against the flow” lifestyle:

  1.  Simplicity – Simplicity in meals means less exotic ingredients you have to buy.  Simplicity in lifestyle means less gadgets you have to buy and care for.  By embracing simplicity and remembering to enjoy the journey instead of rushing through it we can save money on all those gadgets that really do not make our life easier and all the equipment we do not need for a slow and simple life.
  2. Patience – It is tempting to go get something the moment I have the money for it, or see the need for it.  But, sometimes a little patience is rewarded.  It often takes time to find a good deal, so sit on it for a while.   Often someone is actually giving away the thing that we need, so spending money on it was not even necessary.  Check with friends and neighbors to see if you can borrow something that you may only need once or twice.
  3. Contentment – This one is huge!  We live in a culture of stuff.  Be willing to be different and choose to be content.  Before buying something, train yourself to think, “Do I really need this?”  Contentment saves far more money than being deal savvy.  A person can go broke buying good deals.  If you buy something you don’t really need, then you are not saving money no matter how great the deal.
  4. Student – Have the attitude of the student and always be willing to learn.  Seek counsel from those wiser and more experienced than you.
  5. Making Do – Have a need?  Look around your house and see what can meet it.  Don’t be afraid of a little elbow grease.  Look for things you can re-purpose instead of buying something else you have to clean and store.

Embracing these mindsets will save you an incredible amount of money, and can help you pay down any debt you may already have accrued.

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