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Firewood Permits Available from Ouachita National Forest Office

If you are in need of firewood for the upcoming winter, officials with the Ouachita National Forest want you to visit a district Ranger office to apply for a permit.

According to a release from the Forest Service, permits are available firewood for personal use in many areas of the Ouachita National Forest. The permits are sold in cubic feet.

100 cuic feet is equivalent to 3/4 of a cord.

A cord of wood is 4’ high by 4’ wide by 8’ long.

The fee cost $20 and will allow an individual or family to cut and remove from the foret 3 to 4 cords of firewood, depending upon the national forest it is removed from. The permits are for use in specific areas of the national forest that are determined by the local Ranger District in each area. Permits are limited in number and based upon accessibility and availability.   

In their release the Forest Service states, “In an effort to stop the spread of invasive species, such as the emerald ash borer and the imported fire ant, permit holders in Arkansas and Oklahoma must abide by their respective state’s regulations. The Arkansas State Plant Board advises that firewood should be bought and used locally to prevent the spread of pests. Additionally, the Oklahoma Forestry Service strongly advises that in general, no firewood should be brought from out of state into Oklahoma, nor should residents of Oklahoma move firewood more than 50 miles from its source within the state.

For more information about firewood rules, regulations, recommendations, and pests of concern, visit

Permits are available locally at the Mena-Oden Ranger District Office located at 1603 Hwy 71N in Mena.

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