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Free Workshop On How To Be Successful Scheduled

(MENA) Individuals that have dropped out of school are encouraged to sign up for a FREE workshop on Thursday, April 25th at 4pm, that is slated to be held at The Polk County Library.

This workshop is available to anyone who needs information on how to obtain employment or to overcome obstacles to gaining employment.

The workshop will focus on several areas, including how to obtain an GED (General Equivalency Diploma), how to fill out a job application, what to do in a job interview, how to find job openings, how to dress for success and where to find assistance for housing, food, child care, and job search.

Seating is limited and you must contact Melissa Lunsford at Mena Middle School East at (479) 394.2572 or email her at

Various organizations are partnering together for this workshop. The University of Arkansas – Rich Mountain, The Polk County Department of Human Services, The Polk County Library, The Polk County Health Department, The Polk County Workforce, The Western Arkansas Employment Development Agency and The Polk County Developmental Center.

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