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Friends of the Ouachita Trail Gains Big Sponsor

In an announcement on the social media page, Friends of the Ouachita Trail (FoOT) announced they have entered a partnership with outdoor outfitter REI. If you’ve never heard of REI think Bass Pro Shops for campers, hikers, kayakers and those serious about being in the outdoors. REI is opening a new store in Oklahoma City has been in search of forming partnerships with outdoor groups.

According to the post, FoOT has submitted a grant to REI for the Ouachita Trail. The partnership of FoOT and REI will look at different areas such as trail needs and conservation. FoOT currently has corporate sponsorship from Mountain Valley Spring Water.

Also in their release FoOT has received approval from the Arkansas Highway Department on a trail grant request to remodel eight of the older shelters along the Ouachita Trail. An Eagle Scout Troop has remodeled and upgraded the Oak Mountain Shelter as a part of a project. The shelters along the trail offer hikers places to rest and get out of the weather.

The Ouachita Trail is 223 miles long and runs from Talimena State Park through Queen Wilhelmina State Park and ends at Pinnacle Mountain State Park near Little Rock. Along the trail there are 21 shelters.

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