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From the State House of Representatives

Because of Covid-19, school will look different this year, and so will transportation. The Arkansas Department of Education’s transportation directors are taking the utmost measures to mitigate the spread of Covid-19 on buses. These measures include regularly disinfecting the buses and implementing requirements for students to wear masks and socially distance while riding the bus.

But there are other actions we can all take this school year to help ensure the safety of our students.

“Flashing Red, Kids Ahead” is an effort led by the Arkansas Department of Education to remind people to be mindful of student safety when approaching school buses.

The purpose of safety campaign is to remind educators, parents, school bus drivers, and community leaders to obey all traffic laws whenever they are near a school bus. It is illegal to pass a stopped school bus whenever its red lights are flashing, as students are present.

The law requires drivers to stop on 2-lane and 4-lane highways in both directions, even those with a middle lane. Drivers cannot attempt to pass in any direction until the school bus vehicle has finished receiving or discharging its passengers and is in motion again.

Let’s all do our part to ensure students arrive to and from school safely. Remember: Flashing Red. Kids Ahead.

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