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Hamlet’s Cast and Crew Announced


The cast and crew of OLT’s upcoming fall production of Hamlet have been announced.  Playing the lead as Hamlet will be Alex Atchley with Logan Sweeten as the understudy.
Ophelia- Alexa Night, Tara Cornelius (understudy); Queen Gertrude- Kaitlyn Haines, Jane Buttermilk (understudy); King Claudius- Justin Fenwick, Kevin Loyd (understudy); Polonius- Bruce Bills; Laertes- Cody Gee, Elijah Barnes (understudy); Ghost- Scotty Jenkins; Horatio- Tyler Lane; Rosencrantz- Ian Cameron; Guildenstern- Justin Richmond; Marcellus- Chris Beaver; Bernardo- Keith Graves; Francisco- Annie Baker; Osric- Malcolm Moe; Grave Diggers- Kara O’ Donnel, Heather Wilson; Courtiers, Nobles, and Attendants- Pamela Cost, Mary Neese, Lea Grant, Abby Langin, Jackie Biard, Melanie Wade, Brittany Ducote, Kristie Kenyon, Kammie Sweeten, Eva McCallister, Morgan Caldwell, Beth Coogan, Laura Saunstaire, Julie Moe, Angel Moe, Tia Moe, Morgan Richmond, McKayla Lane; Stage Manager- MaKayla Kenyon-Ortiz.

Director Brad Storey commented after releasing the name of the cast members, “Probably the hardest job that directors have is selecting a cast from many qualified actors. This was especially true after our auditions for “Hamlet”. We had 42 people try out for 16 roles. We had to bypass many candidates, mostly for the two women’s roles, who would have been very good on our stage. We added five understudies, and while it makes it more difficult to schedule rehearsal times, it gives 5 more people the opportunity to learn these major roles.”

Story said that directors have taken a chance by auditioning early. “We want to give everyone the time to work on their lines over the summer, otherwise who knows? Seven weeks may have been too short a time to learn them, especially for the larger roles.” Rehearsals will rehearsals Monday, August 28th.

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