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Happy 200th Anniversary of the Arkansas Territory

(LITTLE ROCK)  Arkansas celebrated a special occasion last Friday. Saturday, July 20th was the 200th Anniversary of the creation of the United States government that made the Arkansas Territory.

Even though, June 15, 2036 is Arkansas’ 200th Anniversary as a state, organizers were excited about the events unfolding on the creation of the territory, out of a patch of land from Missouri.

The Arkansas Territory was a vast wilderness that stretched from the bottom of Missouri to the top of Louisiana, and from the Mississippi River almost all the way to the Rocky Mountains, the territory came to be on March 2, 1819.

The Department of Arkansas Heritage held a bicentennial celebration on the second floor rotunda of the state Capitol with birthday cake, history displays and special activities.

The Arkansas State Archives distributed free territory maps, and Governor Asa Hutchinson spoke at the event as well.

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