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Harmon Family Clothes Sizes and Contact Information

The Pulse News has received information about clothes sizes for the Harmon Family that tragically lost all there possessions in a house fire this past Sunday.  The following list is the details we have acquired at this time:


Pants – 38×38, 29×32

Shirt – 2x, Medium

Shoe’s – 13, 9


Pants – 16, 14, 7

Shirt – 2xl, xl, medium

shoes – 10, 9, 7


Pants – 6/7

Shirt – 6/7

Shoes – 1


Pants – 14/16

Shirt – Large

Shoes – 7

Baby Boy

  • 24 months

: The family appreciates any and all donations and you can contact James Harmon for details at 479-216-8184.  A benefit account for the family has also been set up at Union Bnk of Mena.

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  1. I have some adult clothing that will probably fit. Is there a collection point available? If so, what time and where?

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