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Hatfield Installs New Exercise Equipment


The Town of Hatfield has installed six new pieces of exercise equipment at The Hatfield Town Park, thanks to a grant that was received from the Arkansas Blue Cross’ Blue and You Foundation in the amount of $16,400.

The six stations installed include a Dual Hip station, Dual Abductor station, Ab station, Tri-Fitness station, Stepper-Bike station, and a Dual Air Walker.

The equipment is for public use and being outside, Mayor Denton said that not only will residents be able to get fit, but also enjoy fresh outside air in the process.

“We have selected six different fitness stations to begin our program,” said Denton. These offer a wide range of popular exercise events that will challenge all major muscle groups while building cardiovascular endurance. Some of the units will allow you to work out with a partner, which increases motivation. Having several fitness stations will also allow more people to work out at the same time.

The six stations are recommended for people age 14 and up. There is a label on each exercise station that shows how to use it and the muscles it impacts. “These units are challenging but not difficult. We hope these stations will help ensure that our community stays healthy. We invite anyone interested to come and use the exercise stations.”

Pictured are Mayor Denton and her 90-year old veteran father taking advantage of the newly installed exercise equipment.

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