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HB1662 Could Produce Jobs at Mena Airport


House members are working very long hours this week as we try to wrap up the Regular Session by the end of next week.

The last few days of session are always extremely busy as we try to get final passage of important measures.
This week, I’ll be pushing hard for HB1662 which local business owners tell me will result in 20-25 new jobs at the Mena airport. HB1662 simply codifies and clarifies current state sales tax policies that are currently vague and confusing. The changes in the bill will allow our local businesses and others like them around the state to attract substantial additional work for their employees and provide a significant economic benefit to local communities and to the state.
I’m also pushing hard for election reforms that limit special elections. I’ve met stiff opposition from county clerks and large banking firms and it appears likely that my efforts will not be successful. I’m disappointed that those who seek low turnout elections as a means of maintaining their power on profits are winning and I intend to continue this fight after I leave office.
My HB1006 to enact the Compact for a Balanced Budget will be heard this week in Senate Committee. If passed by 38 states it will place a balanced budget amendment in the US Constitution. I’m working hard on this bill and I’ll report to you next week on the results.
The regular session is currently on schedule to end next Thursday. I’m looking forward to spending more time at home and less time in Little Rock.
I appreciate your input on the bills we are hearing. My in session contact is or you are welcome to text my cell phone at 479-234-2092. During session it is difficult for me to respond to phone calls but if you call, I’ll do my best to get back to you as soon as possible.

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