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Heather’s Food Bargains and More


Heather’s Food Bargains and More began when Heather volunteered to work for the Food Mission, which was located on Vivian Street.  “After working for several months I was hired to work in the store and in only a couple of weeks I was promoted to manager.  I worked there for several years until the Food Mission closed its doors.  Several people wanted me to keep the store open so I took out a loan and purchased the remaining stock as well as a fork lift and two plate jacks.”  After running the store in that location for three more years, the old Holland House building became available.  Heather and her parents took the opportunity to purchase that building and move her store to 2108 Highway 71 South.

Heathers-1Heather’s Food Bargains carries a little of everything: from frozen foods and milk to canned goods and toiletry, and everything in between.  Heather’s father explained that the store items are purchased from many different places.  “Often warehouses will salvage food because of a wreck that might only involve one pallet, but the whole truck is salvaged.  Heather purchases products from those types of situations as well as overstock.  Most is purchased sight unseen and she sells it as inexpensively as she can.  Heather is my youngest daughter and she grew up being bounced from place to place and school to school while I served 26 years in the military.  I am very proud of her, she wants to help people in need, especially senior citizens.  She is currently dealing with some health problems so I try to help as much as I can, but she is a fighter.  She has a big heart and really just loves to help people.”

The store has two part time employees who are a wonderful asset to Heather.  Heather’s husband Mike also spends his evenings at the store working to put stuff on eBay.  “Together we make a good team and we spend a lot of time buying for the store.  Mike works long hours to help keep us a float,” explained Heather.  “I can’t say enough good things about my son in law, she could have searched the world over and would not have found a better husband,” Heather’s father added.

“As a salvage store I never know what I am getting until it is loaded up on the truck, some loads are just junk and it is lost and some loads are really good.  No matter what, I try to do good by my customers.  I want people to always be happy with what they buy from here,” Heather explained.

Heather’s Food Bargains and More is opened Monday through Saturday, from 8:30 am until 5 pm., stop in to find friendly faces and a building full of food and other necessities and a discounted price.  “Myself, my wonderful husband and my two great employees are the team that together works hard to make every visit to Heather’s Food Bargains and More a great one,” said Heather.

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