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HHE 5th Graders Make a Difference for Residents


Fifth grade students at Holly Harshman Elementary School spent several weeks gathering items for nursing home residents as part of their #HHEdifferencemakers program. HHE teacher Amanda Posey said, “We’ve worked really hard and have a different theme every nine weeks and this nine weeks it was to support our nursing home residents.”

To help, the students vowed to gather as many hats, gloves, and blankets as they could to donate to nursing home residents. Students also each crafted hand made Christmas cards as well.

On Wednesday, December 20, with gifts in hand, the students literally marched their way from Holly Harshman Elementary to Rich Mountain Nursing and Rehabilitation Center to distribute their donations. Several of the students remarked how it made them “feel good” to be able to give the gifts to residents and that “it’s better to give than get at Christmas.” The joy of the students that were giving and of the residents that were receiving was apparent by their big smiles. The residents appreciated their efforts and also enjoyed the Christmas Carols the students sang.

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