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HHE Student Challenges Classmates to Provide Hurricane Relief

This year at Holly Harshman Elementary, “WE” have challenged each and every student to “Show Your True Colors” by striving to be the best person that they can be.  HHE 5th graders have taken that challenge to the next level by coming up with the idea of being a #differencemaker.

Each student has the opportunity to recognize their classmates for their #differencemaker behavior and actions.  Abi Koppein is a very special #differencemaker.  Abi could not sit by idly and listen to the tragic news out of Houston, TX as a result of Hurricane Harvey.  Abi presented the teachers with the idea to hold a penny war between all of the 5th grade classes.  Her great idea brought about some friendly competition and a fantastic donation to those affected by the storm.

Mrs. Brevik’s students were the top in collections with 34,818 pennies; $520.87 total was collected, including miscellaneous cash donations.  The entire 5th grade collected 74,002 pennies; a total donation of $1,164.44 was collected, including miscellaneous cash donations. “WE” are so proud of our #differencemakers.  Remember, “WE” can all make a difference!

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