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Hiker Rescue

A group of college students from the Dallas were hiking the Buckeye Trail in southeast Polk county over the weekend when one of the hikers broke her ankle and was unable to walk at all. Some of the group was able to call for help and a rescue mission was quickly organized. Several agencies, including the Polk County Sheriff’s Department, Game and Fish Commission, and local fire departments, as well as Southwest EMS, Arkansas National Guard, Arkansas Department of Emergency Management and the Polk County Office of Emergency Management, spent over 24 hours getting the victim to safety. Rescuers were able to reach the hiker late Saturday, but it was determined that carrying her to the trailhead, due to the terrain and distance, would not be practical. The decision was made to wait until a helicopter with a rescue basket could be arranged for Sunday morning. The National Guard Blackhawk helicopter was able to locate the victim and rescuers Sunday afternoon. A medic was lowered to the scene and the victim was readied, then lifted out and transported to a hospital in Hot Springs. It would then take another three hours on foot for the tired and hungry rescue workers to get to the trailhead. The hikers injuries were not life threatening but her condition and specific injuries unknown. Social media lit up late Sunday with gratitude for the several dozen involved in the difficult mission. For KENA News, I’m Chris Daniel.

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