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Hochatown Community Avoids Strip Annexation by Broken Bow

(HOCHATOWN)  Members of a grass-roots organization trying to incorporate Hochatown, avoided an attempt by the City of Broken Bow of annexing portions of their community.

However, Associate District Judge Jana Wallace’s decision recently to void Broken Bow’s attempt of only annexing through the heart of Hochatown, was just a small victory for The Hochatown Historical Association, in its fight to become its own city.

Broken Bow had made an earlier attempt in 2015 to annex property along U.S. Highway 259 from Hairpin Bend to the North Entrance of U.S. 259-A.

It was reported that nine properties along that route had consented to the annexation, however, multiple Hochatown residents sued the City of Broken Bow, leading to the recent case heard before Judge Wallace.

Under Oklahoma law, new incorporations cannot take place within three miles of existing town limits. Broken Bow was in some eyes trying to narrow the gap for the Hochatown community organizers to continue their efforts to incorporate the community.

According to a release by the association, the group admits to having a “long way to go” in the process.

Hochatown is one of the fastest growing communities in McCurtain County and basically has attracted a substantial growth spurt compared to the Broken Bow area.

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