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Holly Harshman Elem. Looks to Create Difference Makers

“WE” at Holly Harshman Elementary School are empowering each and every student to be a #differencemaker.  Students are recognized by other students, teachers and staff. School officials said, “WE are witnessing incredible moments every day. Sometimes it may be helping an injured friend. Sometimes it’s grabbing a backpack for a class mate with full hands. No act of kindness is too small. WE want to impress upon our students that they can change the world. WE all have the power within us!”

“I wanna be different; I wanna be changed; ‘Til all of me is gone; And all that remains; Oh is a fire so bright; The whole world can see; That there’s something different; So come and be different; I just wanna be different; So could You be different, In me” Different by Micah Tyler Begnaud / Kyle Lee

September #differencemakers are: 5th Grade: Lainee Garrett, Sean Sullivan, Jessica Smudrick, Emily Dodson, Cooper Plunkett, Patrick Spenser, Alexia Simmons, Dylan Whitehead, Dorian Knight, Aurora Muns, Clara White, Jaden Roberts, Aryana Ortiz, Chloie Dollarhyde, Tori Weidler, Bloe Hooper, Conner LaFollette, Dakota Van Fleet, Hadyn Wells, Alexis Clegg, Lexie KeomoungKhoune, Scottie Gragg, Janey Smedley, Kaielor Hastey, Colton Quebedeaux, Marlenne Cecillio, Sean Sullivan, Kinley Hall, Karley Sharp, Jorden Davis, Taliyah DeFrenchi, McKenzie Knighten, Gracie Nash, Abi Koppein. 4th Grade: Kenneth Thomlinson. Staff (Not Pictured): Hollie Montgomery, 5th Grade Literacy. Miss Mary, Beloved Volunteer Grandmother.

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