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House Cleaning 101


Are you ready to clean your house but can’t figure out what area to tackle first?  Does it really matter?  The answer to this question is maybe yes, maybe no.  If you haven’t tackled house cleaning for a while, just making any kind of dent will probably be just fine.  Don’t get too bogged down on the order, just hit the priority areas.

If, however, you follow a housecleaning schedule, then creating a set order on how to clean your house will save time and energy.   Once you get an area clean you don’t want to disturb it again while cleaning other areas so planning and tackling tasks in a certain order helps.

There is no one size fits all solution because each home is different in layout and individual tastes of what needs to be cleaned first.  However, here are some suggested guidelines for the order of cleaning your house.

  1. Start with cleaning and other chores that require cleaners to sit or those that can be going while you are doing something else.  For example, starting the dishwasher, running a load of laundry or putting toilet cleaner in the toilet bowl should all be started at the beginning of the time devoted to cleaning your house.
  2. Work from the top down.  Start cleaning upstairs and then downstairs.  This applies to each room, as well.  Work with gravity and go from top to bottom.
  3. Tidy then clean.  Taking the time to put things away will make cleaning easier, and will keep items from getting so dusty in the first place.
  4. Dust before cleaning floors.  When you dust each room you will most likely get some dust on the floor.  You don’t want to have to vacuum or mop again to get the new dust off the floor.

Another important idea to keep your house clean is to have a schedule.  It can be simple, or quite elaborate.  Look online for lots of ready-made schedules that you can edit to fit your needs.  A daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal and yearly schedule will keep your home clean at all times and you won’t have to worry when someone drops by unexpectedly.

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