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HSO Receives $60,000 Grant

MENA, AR – Humane Society of the Ouachitas (HSO) is excited to announce its receipt of a new $60,000.00 grant awarded by PetSmart Charities, the leading funder of animal welfare in North America.  PetSmart Charities’ grant is earmarked to fund veterinary costs, adoption preparation, and expenses related to transporting HSO’s eligible shelter animals to other animal welfare organizations and adoption centers which may enhance their chances of finding a loving home and family.

Part of the adoption preparation process includes providing veterinary treatment such as vaccinations, parasite treatments and spay-neuter surgeries.  Not only are physical health needs met, but assessments of shelter pets’ behavioral traits are made, such as the ability to be trained. Pets which display fear or aggression can often be trained with positive reinforcement, over time, so they can learn to trust people, making them more adoptable. Once the animals pass health and behavioral standards, they may be transported to other shelters.

“A couple of years ago, PetSmart Charities assisted HSO with a grant that opened the doors for HSO to begin transporting its eligible shelter pets to other shelters around the country which experience a shortage of adoptable pets,” stated HSO volunteer Secretary Cheryl Murphy. “With continued grants and funding, PetSmart Charities is ensuring shelters like HSO are able to build and sustain their own pet transport programs. This grant does not fund daily shelter operations.”

To support its pet transport program, HSO has acquired a van, donated by one of Polk County’s long-time avid animal rescue supporters, Diana Stockton, and continues to network with other rescue shelters around the country. “The more we network, the more we can transport our abundance of pets to other shelters which actually have a shortage of healthy adoptable pets,” stated Murphy.

HSO Volunteer President Michael Povey added, “The other shelters love to take our pets because they are healthy and happy.  I commend our shelter staff and volunteers for the good care our pets receive during their stay at HSO.”

HSO has updated its website to provide links for pet adopters to view shelter pets currently available for adoption. Those interested in any featured pet can simply fill out the adoption application form at and submit online.

HSO once again extends its heartfelt thanks to PetSmart Charities for investing in the homeless animals of Polk County and assisting HSO with its ongoing missions of rescue and re-homing these animals.  In the past few years, PetSmart Charities has contributed nearly $200,000.00 in grant funding toward helping Polk County’s rescued animals find new loving homes.

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