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Hustling at OLT


Anyone dropping by the Ouachita Little Theatre can see people scurrying about at many hours of the day.  During the daytime, T. J. Thompson and various helpers have been working on the set for the upcoming play, Dearly Beloved.  Or you could find Judy Thompson and Linda Johnson going through the costume closet and bins searching out costume pieces.  Thompson will then hit different thrift shops for articles not available at OLT.  Stage manager, Katie O’Rear, may be upstairs in the prop room.

If you enter the theatre and do not see anyone, you may hear a call from above when Robbie Burt crosses the catwalk as he spends hours preparing the lighting for the show.   And, of course, several evenings a week, the eleven cast members are diligently rehearsing after spending numerous hours memorizing their lines.  Director Judy Thompson and Assistant Director Marilyn Brown are on hand to give guidance.  Beth McMillan will grab cast and crew members for bios or to take pictures which she will use in the play program for which she is responsible.

Any OLT production requires much time and work from a large number of volunteers.  In this particular case, because of volunteer effort, the community will have an opportunity to enjoy the delightful play written by Jessie Jones, Nicholas Hope and Jamie Wooten, Dearly Beloved.  This is a funny story about a planned, elegant Gone with the Wind-theme wedding in a rural east Texas town.  As is said, “The best-laid plans of mice and men sometimes go awry”.  What happens along the way will bring a smile to your face (or sometimes a loud belly laugh).  The play opens on February 12 as dinner theatre at Mena Mountain Resort.  Call 394-3110 for information and reservations.  It will be performed at OLT on February 13 & 14 and 19-21.

Cast members include Ann Glenn (Miss Geneva); Tara Cornelius (Tina Jo/Gina Jo); Denni Collins (Honey Raye); Janelle Barnes (Twink); Deborah Tennison (Frankie); Lamar Austin (Dub); Marilyn Brown (Madam Nelda); Elijah Barnes (John Curtis); Chris Kuskie (Justin); Judy Weir (Patsy); and Mark Castillo (Wiley).

For further information, call OLT at 243-0186.

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