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Hwy 88 Rock & Mulch


Jim and Nan Lee, both natives of the area, started with J & N Dozer, LLC in 2003.  A dirt moving and site prep business, they build roads, ponds, and house pads, with two dozers, a dump truck, and a track hoe, they can pretty much do any dirt work needed.

After over 10 years in the industry, God laid a new extension of their business on Jim’s heart and two months ago Hwy 88 Rock & Mulch was developed.  “We realized a big need for this type of service locally,” explained Nan.  “It is a leg of our business and we were ready to be diversified. Sometimes you have to take the risk and see that no one else is doing something so you need to step out and do it,” added Jim.

Hwy 88 Rock & Mulch offers all types of rocks ranging in size from 200 lbs on up to 4,000 lbs.  They offer Ouachita Rocks Products and landscape rocks, mountain rocks, flagstone rocks and building rocks.  “These rocks have quartz in them and they are beautiful,” said Nan.

Located one mile east on Highway 88, just passed J & A Truss, on the right, Hwy 88 Rock & Mulch also offers many types of mulch with plans to stock different colors, as well as sand.  They also offer their customers very competitive pricing and the option of buying in smaller amounts, such as a ½ yard to a yard, on up to 12 yards and they are willing to deliver anywhere.  “God willing we will offer many different products in the future.  We hope to have what people need so they can stay local and won’t have to go out of town to get these products,” explained Nan.

The couple, who were married by Justice of the Peace Bill Reed, 22 years ago, have two children, Josh and Brandi, and two grandsons, Zach and Damien.  They, along with their full time employee, Randy Egger, a dozer operator with over 40 years experience that has built over 3,000 ponds, are the force behind both J & N Dozer, LLC and now Hwy 88 Rock & Mulch.  “People ask us a lot how we can spend so much time together and I just tell them, ‘we like each other!’” said Jim with a laugh.  “Truly though, Nan goes with me to pick out rocks and rides in the dump truck with me to look at jobs and even though we have different opinions sometimes, we really do like each other.”  “We just click and we always have,” added Nan.  “Compromise and respect for each other make it work.  We also listen to each others’ opinions and we never put each other down.”

“We love the people and the small town ambiance of Polk County.  Many of the jobs we do are for people who move here from somewhere else and they all love the people and how kind they are, it’s like going back in time,” said Nan.  “We love meeting new people and going to new places.  I have been to many places for jobs that I never would’ve gone to otherwise,” said Jim.  “We also really enjoy seeing the before and after on a job and seeing someone’s dream develop and knowing we’ve helped make that happen.  We love that.  And really our success comes from our faith.  We have prayed about every piece of equipment we have bought.  We are really blessed,” added Nan.

You can reach Jim and Nan at Hwy 88 Rock & Mulch by calling 479.234.3448 or 479.234.1357.

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