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Important Notice Issued by Mena Water Utility

Mena Water Utility, Acorn Rural Water Association, and Freedom Rural Water Association customers will be receiving notices in the mail that may cause them some concern.  In a press release from the Mena Water Utility, officials said, “Our community will remember that during the first week of June 2013, the area flooding led to Mena Water Utilities having to issue a precautionary boil order.  Because Mena Water Utilities supplies Acorn RWA and Freedom RWA with water, the boil order affected those customers as well.

“Thankfully, the watershed is mostly National Forrest, but there was a small chance that the water could have some type of bacteria so the boil order was issued and the amount of disinfectant (chlorine) was increased to combat any bacteria.  The side effect of increasing the chlorine is that there are by-products of chlorine and the more chlorine used, the higher the amount of by-products.  Therefore, we issued notices that we violated the by-product limits in months of June and July 2013.  We have since flushed the distribution lines and closely monitored the amount of chlorine we add.  We have not violated the by-product limits since that time.  However, the Arkansas Department of Health keeps track of the Running Annual Average of the by-product limits on a quarterly basis.  As long as the months that include June and July 2013 are used to figure Mena Water Utility’s running annual average, we will continue to be out of compliance and will have to notify our customers.”


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