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Ingrid Gipson to Present Program on Clay Sculpture


On Tuesday, August 19, at 5:30 pm, at Mena Art Gallery, 607 Mena Street, Ingrid Gipson will help us understand how she creates her beautiful clay sculptures. She would love to show us start to finish how the magic happens, but that would take a great deal more time than most of us could spend. In addition, it’s just not practical to bring to the gallery all the tools she works with in her studio.

Instead, she has taken a series of photographs of a work in progress so that we can follow along as she explains each step.

Ingrid Gipson sculpts in clay. This is a difficult medium for large sculpture because pieces created from clay are subjected to incredible stresses in firings, and have resulted in total destruction more often than you might imagine. Small fissures or detachments are repaired and thus become evidence of its passage in the process of becoming.

When I talked to Ingrid, she also passed along some of her philosophy about art. “I perceive myself as a story teller, one that might, through my work, inspire others. To be enchanted by the discovery of the many unexpected role models in Religion, Mythology, Psychology, Anthropology, Philosophy as well as Art, ancient to modern.”

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