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Irons Fork Squirrel Hunters Club NKC Winners

The Irons Fork Squirrel Hunters Club held a National Kennel Club (NKC) sanctioned hunt on March 12th. The hunt was sponsored by the local business Holly Springs Homestead and Joy Dog Food who provided 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prizes for the morning and evening hunts.

Winners for the Morning Hunt were: 1st Place -Alan Brumbelow, 2nd Place – Brenden Catlett, 3rd Place – Benji Bass.

Winners for the Evening Hunt were: 1st Place – Alan Brumbelow, 2nd Place – Josh Davis, 3rd Place – Chris Oglesby

Benji Bass was the open winner of the morning hunt and Josh Davis was the open winner of the evening hunt giving both of their dogs wins toward being a Champion Squirrel Dog.


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