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It’s Time to Have Fun at the February Cash Mob

With several chilly or overcast dreary days behind us and predictions for more, it is time to brighten up the day with the “Triple A” themed Cash Mob this month.  This doesn’t mean the group will be waiting for the tow truck:  As the annual Academy Awards will be held later this month in Hollywood, the Mob will have the Arkansas Academy Awards on Saturday, February 9 at 10 AM, at the George Davis State Farm Building. For those Mob’sters who want to have even more fun, they are invited to wear their funniest “formal” attire.  As always, there will be
refreshments, door prizes and lots of fun before drawing the name of the shop to be mobbed.

The Cash Mob is an effort of the Mena Downtown Partners and meets the second Saturday of each month, frequently with some type of fun theme.  All participating hosts and shops are member of Downtown Partners.  Advance registration for the Cash Mob is not required—just show up and fill out a brief form with contact information.  There is always a designated gathering place that is announced prior to the mob date. Participants gather and complimentary refreshments are served with door prizes and fun. Afterwards, a business name is drawn.  The group then converges on that shop with laughter, yelling and balloons to do some shopping.  Rules are very simple:  A commitment to spend $20 or more at the selected shop is required.  The only other requirement is to have fun and enjoy meeting new people.

The two main goals of the Cash Mob are to provide an opportunity for meeting new people in a fun atmosphere and to help the Partners’ Buy Local effort.   Make new friends; visit with old friends and enjoy the favorite pastime of shopping!  Judy Thompson, Cash Mob Coordinator and Downtown Business Liaison, invites everyone to attend.

 Submitted by Judy Thompson