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JOLT Names Cast for 2013 Holiday Play


Junior Ouachita Little Theatre (JOLT) President, and director of this year’s JOLT holiday play, Morgan Richmond, has completed a two-day audition, and has named the cast for this year’s performance.

“Instead of doing one big play, we are doing two shorter plays, plus some other individual short performances,” she commented. “The two plays we have selected, with the help of JOLT founder and advisor, Judy Kropp, and board member/adult play advisor, Scotty Jenkins, are the well-known The Gift of the Magi, and a lesser-known play called A Hillbilly Christmas Carol. In addition, we are selecting some other short pieces to give as many kids as possible the opportunity to perform.”

While the shorter pieces are still in the process of being cast, the kids who have been selected for the 2 bigger plays are in place. They include, for The Gift of the Magi, Della: Ariana Kelly, Jim: Kailas Hearn, Mrs. Boyd: Kelli Lacefield, Felice: Kaylee Williams, Madame Sofronie: Sarai Stockton, Miss Hartman: Tyler Luce, and Narrator: Natalie Ford.

For A Hillbilly Christmas Carol, Widow Hinkley: Ashlynn Denley, Joshua: Tyler Lane,

Cora Belle: Jessia Moe, Hiram: Chris Ford, Lizzie: Katie O’Rear, Ossie: Alivia Harper, and Minnie: Vivian Harper have been named as the cast.

The auditions occurred on October 16 and 19. Rehearsals will start on October 28, as soon as the current play, Dial M for Murder, concludes on October 27. Play rehearsals will be from 4 to 6 p.m., on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, at the OLT’s auditorium, at 610 Mena St. For more information about this play or other OLT activities and events, visit the OLT website,, or call the OLT Info Line, (479) 243-0186.


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