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Killdeer Bird Takes up Residency in Bearcat Parking Lot


A momma bird has set up a nest in the parking lot of Bearcat Stadium and caused quite a ruckus through the weekend, as hundreds of visitors paid tribute at The Wall That Heals that was set up nearby.

The bird is sitting on four eggs directly in the middle of the parking lot. Organizers of The Wall That Heals set up cones around the bird to deter visitors and local wildlife rehabilitator Tommy Young said he has had dozens of calls to come pick the bird and nest up. However, Young explained that is not an option. Once he touches the eggs, the mother will not return to them. Not only that, she is doing exactly as she is bred to do.

The momma bird is a Killdeer and they are graceful plovers common to lawns, golf courses, athletic fields, and parking lots. It is not unusual that she laid her eggs on the hard, rocky ground; it is her nature. Young said that as long as the public leaves her be, she will set until the birds hatch and will probably lay her next nest nearby.

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