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Kim Trickey – Keeping Strength Through Faith


Born in Waldron and raised in Mena, Kim Trickey graduated from Mena High School in 1982.  After obtaining a degree in education from Henderson State University, Trickey began teaching at Louise Durham Elementary 25 years ago, before transferring to Hurricane Creek Elementary in Bryant, Arkansas 11 years ago.

Trickey married her husband, Mark, 18 years ago and between them they have four children, Tosha, Kyle, Brittany, and Drake and five grandchildren.  “Mark and I always try to communicate with each other.  People always say that marriage is 50/50 but it’s not, sometimes you have to give a lot more than you take and we both understand that.  We also know that happiness does not come from another person but from God, so we know that we love each other but don’t expect the other person to make us happy.  Our grandchildren are so wonderful.  I love it all.  You know, you have kids and love them greatly and then you have grandkids and it’s just so amazing.  I think because you are older and realize how quickly they grow, you have a different perspective on life, and they are also just a wonderful extension of your children.  I just love them so much,” said Trickey.

When Trickey was in her late 20’s she noticed a spot in her left breast, at the time it was checked and determined to not be anything of concern.  Four years ago, around Christmas, she noticed that same breast was swollen with a fever and immediately contacted a doctor she had worked with previously.  At that point her diagnosis was mastitis and it was treated.  Last summer another spot was discovered and thought to be another clogged milk duct.   When it was not healed by October, Trickey went back to the doctor for a mammogram and a biopsy.  “The day of the biopsy I was told that there was a 90% chance it was not cancer and only a 10% chance that it was, so I wasn’t expecting it to be anything and was shocked when it turned out to be Ductal Carcinoma in Situ, which means that it had not spread outside the ducts and was in its original place,” explained Trickey.

Because of her diligence and awareness of her body, Trickey’s cancer was caught very early. Still, through prayer, she knew that if the doctor recommended a mastectomy that was the route she would go.  “Because of my past issues and because the doctor was afraid they might miss something, I opted to have both breasts removed, upon my doctor’s recommendation.  I did not have to have radiation or chemotherapy and instead take a daily medication,” Trickey explained.

Throughout her treatment, that included another biopsy on her hip because of the results of her full body scan, Trickey clung very tightly to her faith, her family, and her friends.  A couple of days before the results of her full body scan, Trickey was reading her devotional, Jesus Calling, and that day [February 6] spoke of how the road was steep and that Jesus was teaching a difficult lesson through hardship, but that He would bless and restore and to slow down and cling tightly to His hand.  “When I read that, especially about the hardships, I almost wanted to slam it shut.  That day I got to school and began an interim assessment with my students, every day during the testing I had to put a new password on the board for my students and that day was the word ‘trust.’  I thought, Ok, Lord, I hear You,” said Trickey.

“Some things that I learned during this time were not to worry so much.  I needed to pray more and worry less.  In my Bible, above the verses Philippians 4:6-7, I have a quote by Corrie Ten Boom that says, ‘worry does not empty tomorrow of its trouble, it empties today of its strength.’  I had worried about a lot that didn’t matter and I learned to be calm and enjoy the small things.  I also learned to reach out more to people who are hurting and sick and it helped me to get my priorities in order and not be so tied up in work.  I know that is the job God called me to do, but it’s a little lower on my priorities.  God, family, and friends were my support and strength in that order.  My husband was there for every appointment and he and my sister Susan were my rocks.  I had amazing support from family, my Sunday School class, co-workers, and friends from all over.  I had peace because of my trust in God and strong support from my husband, which is so important for anyone going through hard times.  I truly felt everyone’s prayers,” said Trickey.

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  1. Kim is my best friend in the world…She is the BEST FRIEND a person could have. I am so proud of her. I have learned alot from just watching her go through this. Her faith is so strong. She lives it…She loves it and she shares it.
    I thank GOD for this wonderful friend

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