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Legislature Prepares for New Year


The last few weeks have been very busy as members of the legislature prepare for the upcoming General Session that begins in January. Pre-filing of legislation is well underway and budget hearings are mostly complete.  This week’s legislative schedule includes discussion of prison policies, presentations of several interim study proposals to the Public Health Committee and the Thanksgiving holiday. This year I’m especially thankful that both of our daughters are able to be at home with Phyllis and I.

Next week, I’ll be in Washington, DC most of the week meeting with legislators from other states as we collaborate on policies and compare notes on legislative proposals. This time is a valuable opportunity to learn unintended consequences of legislation, learn ways to avoid pitfalls and find out what ideas have been successful. We’ll also meet with a wide range of policy experts to hear and discuss their views on many of the current issues.

December 7-12, I will be at the Legislative Institute at the State Capitol as we spend the week working with newly elected members of the House to ensure that everyone has a working knowledge of the rules and procedures used to maintain an orderly and fair process of governing our state.

I’m excited that an economic development project I have been working on for many months is finally on the verge of becoming reality. Polk County Judge Ellison and Gar Eisele of the Arkansas Regional Coalition for the Ouachitas have been great partners and I appreciate their hard work and support.  Our region has the opportunity to take a big step forward to develop our unique resources, maximize tourism traffic and expand our existing industries.
It is a privilege to represent  you at the State Capitol.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have ideas, criticism or just need assistance with a state agency. My email address in and my cell phone number is 479-234-2092.

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