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Let the Good Times Roll with February Cash Mob

It’s once again time for shopping and fun.  On Saturday, February 10, at 10 a.m., the Cash Mob sponsored by Mena Downtown Partners will be hosted by Chameleon Arts.  The theme for this month’s Mob is Mardi Gras. Mob’sters will enjoy coffee, refreshments, door prizes and games prior to the name of the shop to be ‘mobbed’ being drawn.

Since beginning in October, the Cash Mob has continued to draw new people.  This is an effort of the Mena Downtown Partners to promote their ‘Buy Local’ campaign and provide an opportunity for fun and socializing. Downtown Partners is an organization with a large number of the downtown businesses being members. Associate membership is available to those outside of downtown who have an interest in the well-being of downtown Mena.

A Cash Mob is a community effort that joins people together to support local businesses. In this effort, the Cash Mob will converge on a downtown retailer that is a member of the Downtown Partners. Cash Mobs bring an immediate economic impact to a locally owned business with long-term positive results. The October Mob converged on Coast to Coast; the November Mob enjoyed shopping at the Corner Shoppe and the Santa Mob in December had a great time at The Mercantile.  January Cash Mob shopped at Closet 821.

The Mob meets the second Saturday of the month at 10:00 a.m. at a predetermined place for morning refreshments. All participating MDP retailers who have not yet been selected will have their business names placed in a container. One of the Mob’sters will draw the name and then the Mob will proceed to the selected business for a fun shopping experience.

Cash Mobs have grown in popularity throughout the nation and have proven to be an entertaining way to encourage shoppers into businesses where they not only normally shop but also to stores that they are not familiar with. Each month will provide an opportunity to shop at a different store.

Through the MDP member businesses, door prizes and special incentives are given to Mob’sters. Rules are simple 1) Commit to spend at least $20 at each Cash Mob; 2) Meet new people each time and most importantly 3) Have fun. You do not have to be pre-registered as a Mob member. Just show up and sign your form at the door. Help the local economy and indulge in that all-American pastime of shopping!  Join the group Saturday and Let The Good Times Roll!

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