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Liberty Gun & Loan – A Passion for Guns & Gun Safety


Bob Brewer, Jr., was born and raised in Hatfield, Arkansas, with a family history that goes back for generations. As a child, he studied guns and learned the fastest way to impress his family was to know every make and model. “I spent a lot of time with my dad and my uncle, who owned gun shops and from a young age, learned everything I could about guns,” explained Bob.

Brewer also came from a strong military family. “My father was a Vietnam Vet and my grandfather was at Pearl Harbor, they were all members of the United States Navy, but I didn’t want to get on a boat so I joined the Marine Corps and served for seven years,” Bob said. After leaving the Marines in 1988, Brewer lived in southern California, where he was fortunate enough to meet the love of his life, Caren. “Caren and I met in 1991 and we’ve been together now for 25 years. She previously owned a successful drinking water business and has so much knowledge of how business works,” said Bob.

After deciding the gun laws in California were becoming too restrictive for an avid collector, the couple purchased land in Hatfield in 1999 and slowly began moving east. After spending some time in Arkansas, Brewer began traveling as a contractor for the State Department, as well as the Department of Defense, where he trained the military on different types of weapons. Finally, in 2013, he retired and settled back permanently in south Polk County.

Having such a rich history and knowledge of guns, Brewer had always wanted to open a gun shop and the couple purchased the land in June of 2014 and opened Liberty Gun and Loan, located at 4730 Highway 71 South in Hatfield, five months ago. “We have been completely blown away by the support from the community,” said Bob. “We have had so many repeat customers, and so many customers that are driving in from DeQueen and Oden, we’re thankful,” added Caren.

Aside from their impressive display of new and used guns, Liberty Gun and Loan also take pawned items and sell women’s RealTree girls’ boots and shoes. Bob is also certified by the National Rifle Association (NRA) to teach a Basic Pistol Course and is a NRA certified Range Safety Officer (RSO). “We are working on getting a license from the state of Arkansas to teach a concealed weapons class in Hatfield and we will be teaching the Basic Pistol Course that will teach you everything you need to know on how to use a gun; clean it, store it, shoot it, align it. Our goal is to get someone as comfortable with their gun as they are with their cell phone. If you know how it works, then you don’t have to be scared of it and can use it properly,” explained Bob.

Liberty Gun and Loan also specializes in custom ammunition and they are happy to special order any gun part you need. They also take guns in on consignment and will sell them online. Like their Facebook page, for information regarding class schedules, or call them at 870.389.6050.

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