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Linda Denton – A Community Loving Volunteer


Some of Linda Denton’s treasured memories were spent growing up here in Mena.  In 1974, her parents bought property here in Polk County and from that time on, summers were spent in Arkansas. Originally from Corpus Christi, Tex., the mountainous area became a playing ground for her entire family. With such past greats as Dan’s Dairy Hut and the unforgettable drive-in movie theater, Denton also spent quite a bit of time down at the auction barn in Potter. She enjoyed the green trees and mountains.

With all of those wonderful early memories, Denton and her husband, Jeff, decided to plant their roots and family in Mena. Upon arriving, Denton soon found out that although Mena was a wonderful place, it was missing some key elements.  Needing to copy off her resume Denton realized there wasn’t really a place to do this besides the local college. She decided she should open up an office store to offer faxing, color prints and copying to the folks of Mena. In 1996, Pony Express was officially opened.

Denton along with her husband and their five boys enjoyed many outdoor fun-filled activities. From hiking, canoeing and swimming in the many creeks and lakes, to exploring the numerous Cossatot trails. The Queen Wilhelmina State park is always an adventure and a family favorite. Denton also enjoys fishing and even digging the worms for bait with her sons. In her down time, she loves to do crafts, although, she stated, with all of her boys it’s hard to find the time. Denton declared she is a product of the 60’s and enjoys her zany, colorful life, with all of the ins and outs and twist and turns. “I wouldn’t have it any other way,” Denton exclaimed.

Denton is a proud participant of the Relay for Life team “Cruizzin for a Cure” along with fellow friend Brandi Sachs. This worthy and amazing cause is very near and dear to her heart. She has watched friends and family suffer with this terrible disease and seeing the horrific results of witnessing the intolerable pain of their children suffering as well. Denton decided to join and use her many talents and endless energy for this commendable cause. She is a proud sponsor of Relay for Life.

Being a member of Koinonia Christian Fellowship for the last 11 years, Denton feels like being a part of this church and Mena has truly changed her. “ It took 7 years but Mena worked on me and Christ worked on me and it just happened. I am not the same person I was before.” She said. “I love that I know people here and that the folks here still have moral values and come together when there is a tragedy or loss.“ Denton stated that after running life’s rat race that “Mena has been a huge blessing for me.”

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  1. Yay! Linda. I have made copies at Pony Express since 1996 when you were downtown. Never a complaint. Thanks for your exemplary community citizenship and also for HEY HOGS! the best barbecue in town. Look forward to gettin some at the next Shannon Hunter auction.

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