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Local Boys Get Quite A Scare

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In an interview with The Pulse, the mother of a Mena boy told us of a harrowing event involving her son and three others.

On the night of August 28th, a woman by the name of Louisa Marie Vidana, of Pencil Bluff, Arkansas, reportedly jumped into the back seat of the vehicle the four boys were riding in. It is alleged that Vidana forced her way into the back seat of the car and placed a knife to one young mans face and demanded the driver take her to the hospital immediately.

The frightened boys did as she demanded and drove her to Mena Regional Medical Center.

One boy says she acted really “jacked up” and was “talking crazy” along the way and this really frightened them.

Upon arrival at the hospital the young man who the knife was allegedly held against knocked Vidana against the door. She then exited the vehicle and the boys called 911.

Vidana was arrested soon after on charges of Theft of Property, Disorderly Conduct, and Aggravated Assault.

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