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Local Chiropractor Receives International Award


Dr. Kervin Putman of Mena Spine and Rehab, was recently recognized as a Worldwide Leader in Healthcare by the International Association of Chiropractors (IAC). This honorable award is given to those who show experience, forward thinking, and the highest quality of care in their field.

The IAC states, their “reputation for excellence derives from the most exacting levels of quality we demand from our members, each of which, must pass a scrupulous evaluation process of their education, training, medical techniques, and consumer ratings. This set of standards is the most stringent in the industry, and is what maintains the high level of integrity of our organization.”

Dr. Putman says that he loves to continually educate himself on new techniques and practices. Even after fourteen years in the business, he admits he still gets excited about trying new techniques and equipment on his patients. “I like to keep things fresh for my patients. I stay certified on my Cox techniques and Kennedy decompression. The difference between being certified or non-certified is anybody can buy the equipment and put you on a machine. But when you’re certified, you don’t hurt the patient. For me, I just love learning.”

“It’s amazing how badly chiropracting is misunderstood. People think you have to have an ache, back pain, or neck pain and that it has to be popped. But actually the whole premise of a chiropractor was based on the nerves that are in the spine, which deal with all parts of the body.” Dr. Putman has many techniques available and has his own X-ray equipment, decompression tables, laser treatments, and more.

Putman said a teacher at Palmer College told him once, “Don’t worry about the money, just get people better and the money will come. I’m very thankful for all of my patients who stick with me, even through the challenges of the new healthcare system,” stated Putman.


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  1. Way to go, Kervin! I knew you were very smart when you were a baby!

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