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Local Masonic Lodges Hold Annual Awards Banquet


Two local Masonic Lodges, the Dallas and Mountain Meadow Lodges, held their annual awards banquet on Saturday, November 14th to a full house. In addition to in-house awards for Masons who have gone above and beyond to assist their Lodge and community, non-Masonic members of the community were also recognized for their hard work and dedication to the community.

Delores Hutchinson and Theresa Judkin were given the Community Service Award from the Dallas Masonic Lodge and Don Martin received the same award from Mountain Meadow.

Terry Fuquay and Don Cloud Davis both received Mason of the Year Awards and Jack Peebles and Rusty Gonzalez were both given special Rose Croix Awards, an award that has never been given before, and never will be again. The Rose Croix Award is not an award normally given by the Masons, however, after applying to the state lodge, the local Masons were given permission to award such an honor. Both men have been Masons for decades and have given much of themselves to their fellow man and communities.

Dezi Bowles was given a service award from Mountain Meadow Lodge and Rex Burns received the Meritorious Award from Dallas Lodge. David Jennings was awarded the Pillars of Soloman Award, a high honor in the Masonic structure.

Other Lodge service awards were given to Rusty Gonzalez, Terry Fuquay, James Turner, Mark Lazarus, Dezi Bowles, Don Davis, Jack Peebles, Joe Quinn, Frank Roach, Robert Lancaster, and Russell Westbrook.


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