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Local Photographer’s Work Featured in State & National Publications


What some would consider “adventure” is just “normal” to a local photographer who doesn’t consider any of the extremes he goes to capture Arkansas beauty in certain conditions with specific lighting at “just the right angle” as just another normal day as a photographer.

William Rainey’s captivating work has been admired locally for a long-time as it has hung on the walls of his family restaurant and now his work is being is being published in state and national publications, most recently, in Backpackers magazine. Rainey said they contacted him to use a photo of his of Mt. Magazine in their January issue.

His work also landed the cover of the Arkansas Hospital Association’s monthly magazine with a glistening shot of an icy Talimena Scenic By-Way. And, for the third year running, 4 of his photos (the most in one year) made it the Capture Arkansas publication of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, a hard-cover 144-page book showcasing 150 photographs captured by photographers, some novice and others professional. The book is truly a work of art that features not only the state’s unique natural beauty but also the state’s unique people, animals, and architecture that no coffee table is complete without. It is certainly a conversation piece, whether you are an Arkansan or a transplant.

Two waterfall shots, Mossy Falls and Bridle Veil Falls, were two of the landscape photos that beautifully illustrate the breathtaking scenery that define Arkansas. Surprising even Rainey who doesn’t photograph people often was a sunset shadowy portrait of a horse wearing a rider that was titled Blazing Saddle. The lighting of the photograph was particularly distinctive and contributed to the uniqueness of the photo that also was reflective of Arkansas.

The fourth photograph making it to the publication was of the Rocky church. Rainey said lots of people photograph churches but said, just like the Blazing Saddle photography, it was the lighting and distinctive shadows that made this photograph so unique.

Rainey is hesitant to select a “signature” photo among all of the thousands of shots he has made. For him, it is difficult to forget the adventure to get that photograph and believes that what makes his work so notable is the passion that he has to get that shot that makes your chin drop, “even if I’m just trying to photograph a ladybug in the backyard.”

His adventures range from not only including hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of miles of backpacking and see over 200 breathtaking waterfalls in Arkansas, to lowering himself down into canyons and then climbing back out, but also to swimming with sharks. To Rainey, it is just another picture perfect moment.

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