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Local Teen Looks Towards Long Recovery Following Head-On Collision


A local teen is currently recovering from a serious accident. A Mena High School Senior, Gillian Moore, was traveling west on Highway 8 West when she collided head-on with another vehicle, driven by Seth Singleton of Mena, who is allegedly facing multiple charges including DWI, Careless Driving, and No Driver’s License. Gillian’s mother, Kim Moore, said she has “a long recovery” but they are thankful that God “spared her life.”

Moore explained that on Wednesday, November 1st, Gillian was heading home after leaving work at a local restaurant. Around 9:05 p.m., just before Polk Road 47, an eastbound driver came around a curve in Gillian’s lane and hit her head on. “It took emergency workers an hour and a half to cut her out,” said her mom. “She was awake, but she didn’t know what was going on. There was a lady that sat with her the whole time.” The good Samaritan’s name was Stacy and Moore is ever thankful for her presence with Gillian until she could arrive.

Once Gillian was freed from the rubble of metal, she was transported by EMS to the local hospital. Angel One airlifted her to Little Rock to Arkansas Children’s Hospital where she has since received multiple surgeries and is looking towards several weeks of rehabilitation.

“She has multiple breaks on left side and on her right knee. She has three fractured vertebrae that will heal on their own, but her left arm will need surgery.” Gillian also suffered a break on her left leg, resulting in a 4 ½ hour surgery which included placing a rod from her hip to knee, four screws to fix a split knee cap, and a few stitches on her right knee. “She lost a lot of blood from the rod surgery so they had a team of specialists come in yesterday and want to do surgery tomorrow morning,” said Moore on Thursday, November 9th. Moore also explained that Gillian is left handed and her left arm is “broken in half from the top down.” They were hoping to come home soon after the next surgery. “If she does well with that, they are looking at sending her home early next week.”

Although coming home is a comforting feeling, the family knows the road ahead is still too long to fully see. Gillian will be out of school for the next 4 – 6 weeks. Being an honor graduate come next spring, she takes classes at the high school as well as classes at UA-Rich Mountain. “It’s life changing for her. She does everything left handed it was her left side that was messed up,” said Moore, seeing some of the challenges that lie ahead.

Moore hopes that Gillian’s story will keep the same tragedy, or worse, from happening to someone else. “I’ve always said life is too precious to ruin someone’s future with a simple drink. You are always thankful, but then, you walk into her bedroom and think, ‘oh my gosh, we could’ve lost her’. We are so thankful that He [God] spared her and we are going to turn this bad situation into a good one. She’s a very strong, loving and amazing young lady.”

To help with the weeks of recovery ahead, an account has been set up at Arvest Bank to assist with medical bills for Gillian. “I want to thank everyone for their prayers and thoughts,” said Moore.

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