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Local XCountry Teams Compete In Tom Stuthard Race


On Wednesday, October 25th, the local Acorn, Cossatot, and Mena Cross Country teams competed in the Tom Stuthard Race at Acorn High School.

In the Junior High Girls 1.5 mile race, Horatio came in first overall, Mansfield second, and Acorn third, as Cossatot, Waldron, and Mena did not qualify to place. Individually, Keira Hall of Mena placed first, and teammate Maddy Carty-Mauk placed eighth.

The Acorn Tigers placed first overall in the Junior High Boys 1.5 mile race, while Mena came in second, Mansfield third, and Cossatot fourth, as Waldron did not qualify to place. Justice Neufield of Acorn placed first individually, as Caleb Peters of Mena came in third, Jacob Lyle of Acorn fourth, Issac Tedder of Acorn fifth, Silas McIntyre of Mena seventh, Will Davis of Mena eighth, Dalton McKenzie of Cossatot ninth, and Sky Carmack of Acorn tenth.

Waldron came in first overall in the Senior High Girls 5,000 meter run, as Acorn placed second, Mansfield third, and Jessieville fourth, while Mena and Horatio did not qualify to place. Three Lady Tigers of Acorn placed in the top ten individually, as Faith Hill came in third, Ashlynn Bissell fourth, and Kendra Branson sixth.

In the Senior High Boys 5,000 meter run, the hosting Acorn Tigers placed first overall, while Mena came in second, Jessieville third, Waldron fourth, and Horatio fifth, as Cossatot and Mansfield did not qualify to place. Logan Myers of Mena came in third individually, as teammate Robert McIntyre placed fourth, Cross Hughes of Acorn fifth, Brady Lyle of Acorn sixth, and Matthew Chaney of Acorn seventh.

Complete Team Results:

Acorn Jr. High Girls:

Alyssa Warren 15th, Emily Blair 19th, Hallie Holland 20th, Corryn Holland 22nd, Kiersten Larucci 23rd, Abby Nance 25th, Kaylee Tedder 26th, Sarah Wallac 28th, Faith Brandon 29th, Makayla Sandoval 32nd, and Elder Jada 34th.

Acorn Jr. High Boys:

Justice Neufield 1st, Jacob Lyle 4th, Issac Tedder 5th, Sky Carmack 10th, Cole Hair 15th, Dakota Sullivan 17th, Trysten Richey 26th, Reed McGee 29th, Eric Mowdy 32nd, and Mark Hannaman 33rd.

Acorn Sr. High Girls:

Faith Hill 3rd, Ashlynn Bissell 4th, Kendra Branson 6th, Sophie Jackson 18th, Kimberly Strasner 21st, Josey Webb 22nd, Gracie Hill 23rd, Mercedes Mowdy 26th, Amelia Still 30th, Makenna Goss 31st, and Mackenzie Goss 32nd.

Acorn Sr. High Boys:

Cross Hughes 5th, Brady Lyle 6th, Matthew Chaney 7th, Chad Sutton 11th, Adam Hughes 12th, Jeremiah Swint 14th, Melchiah Hicks 17th, Zach Mayo 18th, Brady Hair 20th, Jesse McDonald 27th, Brian Kha 31st, Joshua Swint 41st, and Jon O’Donal 55th.

Cossatot Jr. High Girls:

Laura Flores 21st, Labrayla Robb 24th, and Brenci Marrufo 30th.

Cossatot Jr. High Boys:

Dalton McKenzie 9th, Daniel Alarcon 16th, Rudy Arce 20th, Victor Trinidad 22nd, Ricardo Esquivel 25th, Eduardo Maya 30th, and Alex Perez 34th.

Cossatot Sr. High Boys:

Brandon Marrufo 22nd, Hector Hernandez 33rd, and Manuel Esquivel 38th.

Mena Jr. High Girls:

Keira Hall 1st and Maddy Carty-Mauk 8th.

Mena Jr. High Boys:

Caleb Peters 3rd, Silas McIntyre 7th, Will Davis 8th, Alex Rocha 14th, Trevin Plunkett 24th, and Joshua Ferguson 28th.

Mena Sr. High Girls:

Moe Nakanishi 19th and Madison Parnell 33rd.

Mena Sr. High Boys:

Logan Myers 3rd, Robert McIntyre 4th, Thaddeus Nance 15th, Kenny Denley 23rd, Matthew McCravens 24th, Logan Fairless 25th, Bryce Fairless 39th, Alessia Stumpf 46th, Micah Wilson 47th, Curtis Curry 48th, and Zack Depart 54th.

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