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Long Awaited 4-H Trip Does Not Disappoint

Six Polk County 4-H teens experienced the trip of their 4-H career last week. They joined the Arkansas 4-H delegation of 36 other teens and 4 adult chaperones for the annual Citizenship, Washington Focus (CWF) trip to our Nation’s Capital.

The youth signed up for the event back in December. They worked hard to fundraise and provide all of the money needed to make the trip. This is one of the most expensive 4-H educational experiences that 4-H offers in Arkansas. These kids will tell you that it is worth every cent of the $1250 plus spending money that they raised. Every one of the youths report that they would love to go back again next year.

Those attending the weeklong program were: Rebecca Cole and Bridgette Magness – Acorn Mighty Oaks 4-H club; Trayton and Shanna Johnson, Alyssa Wilson, and Makaya Floyd all from the Cossatot Achievers 4-H Club at Wickes.

During the program, youth met other 4-H members from other states and worked under the guidance of a 4-H program assistant that led them through all of the learning activities and served as their tour guide of Washington. As part of the program, 4-H members engaged in civic discussions and problem solving, giving them the chance to learn different perspectives and experiences. Delegates are always surprised to learn that common things (soda pop) are called different things in different parts of the US.

Our 4-Hers learned about the process of creating legislation, advocating for it, and enacting it into laws. They toured the sites and monuments of DC and the surrounding area; was led on a night tour of the Capitol by Representative Bruce Westerman; met with their elected officials; visited the Smithsonian museums and the Holocaust Museum; and toured Mt Vernon. On Friday of their trip, they were able to do some small group sightseeing to revisit or visit things that were most interesting to them. During this time period they also learned to navigate the Washington Metro (subway) system to utilize their short time left in DC.

On State’s Night out, they attended a dinner theater and saw Mama Mia. From the joys of riding a tour bus from Little Rock to Washington DC, nonstop, to seeing the capital of our nation, to seeing the monuments that honor those that shaped our nation, these youth had an education that every US citizen should experience.

They wish to express their deepest appreciation to everyone who supported their fundraising efforts to raise the $8100 it took to get them there!

For more information about the 4-H program in Polk County, contact the U of A Division of Agriculture Cooperative Extension Service at 479-394-6018.

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