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Looking Back – First Cars in Polk County

Automobiles began to appear in Polk County early in the twentieth century when The Mena Star proudly announced in 1905, Dr. Cochran was driving the first horseless carriage in Mena. By 1907, The Star was running automobile ads and by 1910, Mena boasted five cars and Dr. Sanford was motoring one in the Board Camp Area.

Cherry Hill’s first car is shown in the photograph, with “Buster” Wimberly and Judy Harmon in the front seat and Frank Norris and Beulah Harmon in the back seat. We don’t know the exact year, but we are told the Ford Model T is of the 1910-1914 vintage models. Wimberly is buried in the Ouachita Cemetery and Norris is buried in the Norris Cemetery, both near Cherry Hill.



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