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Lorraine Timmerman to Present Watercolor Program


On Tuesday, May 19, at 5:30 pm, Lorraine Timmerman will conduct Mena Art Gallery’s monthly “Art Awareness” program for May. Lorraine, who is both a talented artist and an enthusiastic botanist, will talk about how she creates her beautiful, detailed paintings of Arkansas wildflowers.
She will tell us how she first became fascinated with painting wildflowers in addition to how she goes about creating her work.

In contrast to her delicate wildflower paintings, Lorraine has often worked in a much larger format, creating the sets for many of the plays that the Ouachita Little Theatre presents.
Lorraine can frequently be found at the Tuesday “Art Day” in the classroom at the gallery, if you find you want to talk more with her after this program. “Art Day” is from about 11 am to 2 pm in the gallery at 607 Mena Street every Tuesday.

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