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Maddox Honored by Two State Associations


State Representative John Maddox has been awarded two prestigious awards by state associations in the last week and is honored and humbled to have been selected. Both the Arkansas Prosecuting Attorney’s Association and the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce recognized Maddox for his work in each field while serving in the state’s House of Representatives in the 91st General Assembly.

Maddox is serving in his first term in the Arkansas House.  He represents District 20, which includes portions of Montgomery, Polk, and Sevier counties. He serves on the House Judiciary Committee and the House Insurance and Commerce Committee. As such, he pours through bills that impact are judicial system, as well as commerce, and it was in those facets that his commendations were rendered.

Maddox was first recognized by the Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association in early January for advocating for law enforcement in the 2017 legislative session. “I have witnessed first hand the professionalism and the dedication of our Law Enforcement officers and Prosecuting Attorney and staff in Polk and Montgomery

County. I will continue to zealously advocate for Law Enforcement and victims of crime every time I have the opportunity,” he stated. His first hand knowledge comes from serving more than two decades as an attorney, as well as a Deputy Prosecuting Attorney. “We are extremely fortunate in both Polk and Montgomery Counties to have excellent law enforcement officers and prosecuting attorneys. I have gained an immense amount of respect for what they do. I was honored to be recognized as a supporter of law enforcement and a supporter of victims of crime and will continue to advocate for these causes at every opportunity.”

On Monday, January 8, Maddox was awarded by the Arkansas State Chamber of Commerce for advocating for pro business policies in the state. “It is something I am very passionate about – making Arkansas more business friendly and competitive with other states. We were able to accomplish numerous substantive reforms that will have a positive impact on the state’s economy as a whole,” he said proudly.

Maddox said some of the accomplishments that gained him the award were passing legislation that reduced unemployment insurance costs for employers by $50 million; creating a sales tax exemption for Arkansas manufacturers on the repair and replacement for parts on manufacturing equipment; and reducing the amount of time that people can receive unemployment benefits in an effort to incentivize work and get people back into the workforce.

“I researched and found that people were remaining on unemployment benefits until the last week of eligible benefits before they retained employment. It was clear to us that the system was being abused. This incentivized work and saved the taxpayers of Arkansas a substantial amount of money.” Maddox also helped pass legislation focusing on workforce development and focusing more on technical careers “to incentivize young people to explore the tech career options.”

In addition to serving in the House, Maddox also continues to serve as an attorney at Maddox and Maddox Law Firm in Mena. He serves on the board of directors for the Polk County Developmental Center, University of Arkansas at Rich Mountain, and Union Bank of Mena. He resides in Mena with his wife, Mandy, and they have two children.

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