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Mary Poppins Enters Final Weekend


Mary Poppins opens again this weekend on Thursday and continues only on Friday and Saturday.  In addition, American Artisans is offering a dinner before the show option on Thursday.  Tickets for both are available at the theatre from 9 am to 4 pm. The first weekend was a big success with sold out crowds, and the audiences humming the tunes as they left the theatre.  Music director, Judy Kropp, commented that this show is one of the musically most difficult she has attempted, but is very pleased with the cast as they stepped up to the challenge and delivered one of the best shows seen on the OLT stage.  The singing, the dancing, and the staging all added to the superlative results made available to the patrons.  Director, Rudi Timmerman, added that in light of the fact that everyone volunteered their time, sometimes adding up to hundreds of hours, the show was presented on a professional level.  He added that while none get paid, there are still a lot of expenses that come up.  Costumes, set construction material, props, and the biggest single expense, royalties.  It costs the OLT $2,500 for the rights to do the show.  All you get for your $2,500 is permission to do the show.  Even with a cast, sets, lights, and permission, a place for the show is also needed.  OLT is blessed to have its own building, but that also comes with expenses.  The mortgage, insurance, utilities, and maintenance add up to over $2,000 per month.  When put in this light it becomes doubly obvious that the Mena/Polk County folks strongly support OLT as it presents entertainment, as well as an outlet for the talent in our community to be developed and enjoyed by both the presenter and the audience.  Three more shows, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 7:30 pm.  Don’t miss this great show.

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