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McMillan Park Pool Receives New Filtering System


The Mena City Pool at McMillan Park may see a few more swimmers this season as the long awaited repair of the filtering system is in the works this week. On Tuesday morning, a crew from Luther Stem Pools and Spas of Fort Smith was working on replacing the filters to bring the place back up and running. The pool has been closed since mid-June of this year due to issues with the old filters.

Luther Stem Pools and Spas was approved through Ordinance #2263 in late June to replace the filters that were installed in the 1970’s. The cost will be at least $18,400 for the eight new filters and their installation, but the City has anticipated such repairs for a few years now and has been saving money just in case. The City has budgeted accordingly, with $30,000 set aside to complete the project.

Luther Stem Pools and Spas originally placed the filters in the 70’s and had the new filters needed to restore service on hand as well as expertise knowledge of the system, and an expected one to two day installation time. However, the plan had to meet state approval, which has taken longer than anticipated. Mayor George McKee said as soon as the state approved the plan, they put Luther Stem Pools and Spas to action.

Parks Director Nathan Fowler explained that upon the filters being installed, the next step will be filtering the pool and then waiting on inspection from the State Health Department out of Little Rock. Fowler and the city are hopeful that swimmers will be able to enjoy the pool for a few more days this season.

Once reopened, the pool will remain open through Labor Day, September 5. When school begins on August 15th, the pool will be open on Saturdays from 1 – 5 p.m. through Labor Day.

For more information, call 479-394-8312.


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