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Meadow Pines Cabin – The Perfect Retreat


Busy. This is the ‘buzz word’ of our culture. Busy seems to mean productive and worthwhile. Busy, sometimes, sounds more like exhaustion. Often, everything about life points to work and business and there is little to no time to relax and unwind. Vacation is great except that when you get back a vacation from the vacation is needed. For someone that is looking to unwind and relax, unplug from the demands of life in solitude, Meadow Pine Cabins in Hatfield, Ark. is the perfect retreat.

Meadow Pine Cabins originated with owner Holly (Hamilton) Henry when she was just 19 years old. It was time for her to go off to college, but she wanted to stay and work. In a compromise, she agreed with her mom that she would go to school, but would come back on the weekends to run the cabin. “My grandpa had 450 acres and I was trying to think about how I could use it. I didn’t know anything about farming, but I thought about cabin rentals. My grandpa let me build on the land, but I’m not sure he ever thought it would take off,” Holly says laughing.

While in college she met her husband, Chase, a business major and he became part of the operation. Growing up, Holly showed pigs through FFA and used her winnings she had saved from third grade on to build her first cabin, Cowboy’s Getaway, when she was in college. “I was 19, I didn’t really ever think about how much money it was or that it could not work. It ended up working out just fine,” says Holly smiling. Holly has also partnered with her parents who have built a couple of cabins as well, in all, making six cabins available for guests to choose from.

Several years later and Meadow Pine Cabins are the dream getaways for the weary. Sitting on 450 acres with breath taking views of the Ouachitas, guests can immediately find rest in the fully furnished cabins. “We are actually a little surprised, a lot of our guests are professionals who are seeking to get away from busy life. Most of our guests are not from this area, they have left cities in other states to get away and rest.” One of the cabins, Cowboy’s Getaway, is a three bedroom, 2 bath cabin that is perfect for a large family or friends to come and stay. “We also have several couples that are friends book and they spend the weekend together,” explains Holly. Whether it is the Hideaway cabin that sits on the edge of the outer woods, providing the most privacy, or Doc’s Place nestled in the woods away from the noise of the world, guests will be able to unplug from life’s everyday demands.

Thousands of ATV enthusiasts travel to Polk County a year to enjoy the riding trails offered throughout the Ouachita Mountains. Not only can guests access the very popular ATV trail system, Wolf Pen Gap, in minutes but friends and family can also enjoy the ride without ever leaving the property. “We have private 4-wheeler trails for all of our guests to use. There are 450 acres of trails that are available, it is a very full half-day of riding,” remarks Holly. In addition to 4-wheeler trails, guests are encouraged to bring their fishing poles to fish in the private creek and the three fully stocked ponds. The property is the perfect place for families to step away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and enjoy the awe-inspiring views of creation around them.

Along with the beautiful outdoors, Chase and Holly know that for many guests, they still enjoy some of the luxuries of home and so they have made that possible. Each cabin is fully furnished and equipped for guests. There is satellite TV service in each cabin along with Wi-Fi hotspots for those that desire them as well. “One of the perks about our cabins that we have learned that most guests love our hot tubs. They just add another dimension of rest and relaxation for everyone.” With a full kitchen, each cabin allows for guests to truly unplug and getaway. “Really, all guests need to bring when they come is their food and luggage and we take care of the rest,” says Holly with a smile.

If life is hectic and a weekend away is needed to catch your breath, Meadow Pine Cabins is just what is needed. “I think that we have some of the best views of the beautiful landscape around. It’s worth coming to see for yourself.” For a view that is just about perfect, call and reserve your spot at Meadow Pine Cabins. Call 479-243-3338 or visit their for more information or rates.

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