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Meet the Artist: Susan Sebren


Susan Sebren is a woman of many talents, most expressed in some form of art: painting, music, writing, gardening, cooking. She has been a member of Mena Art Gallery since 2006 and is a regular participant in the gallery’s Tuesday “Art Day.” Susan works in watercolor, pen and ink, and lately has branched into paper mache, winning an honorable mention for her “Tabby Cat” now on display at the gallery at 607 Mena Street.

She is also a writer. Her stories and poems are in all three anthologies published by the Ouachita Writers Guild, and she has published two children’s books: Billy Bug Cannot Tie His Shoes and Willis the Lost Puppy.

Susan has loved music for years and sings alto with the Mena Community Chorus.

She makes wreaths of all-natural materials. She picks plants in the fields near her home, dries, and assembles them. She sells these as well as her art work through Etsy (Ouachitamountaingifts).

As anyone who has read her books, stories, and poems realizes, she is an animal lover and a long-time member of the Ouachita Humane Society. She and her husband had visited Mena over the years and loved it here. When they retired, this was the first place they looked. She now lives on a mountain with her husband, one dog, and four cats.

And if all of these things were not enough to keep her busy, she has begun gardening—both flowers and vegetables, and this summer she started canning and pickling the results of the vegetable gardening.

Susan, we can’t wait to see what direction you will head next, but all of us at the gallery who know you realize it will be something to do with the arts or animals—preferably both.